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Chuck Ward's House of Music

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Chuck Ward's House of Music


Chuck Ward

Chuck Ward was Entertainment Coordinator and former President of Milwaukee Irish Fest. He was deeply committed to, and had a passion for Irish music, always looking for a new song for his band, Blarney, and seeking out new artists, especially ballad singers, for the festival. Chuck’s devotion to Irish music was integral to his life.

The Ward Irish Music Archives, Milwaukee Irish Fest, will pay tribute and continue Chuck’s legacy with a new project to collect and preserve Irish music so others may enjoy our rich Irish musical heritage.

“Chuck Ward’s House of Music” is a project with three phases:

1. Identify all Irish related recordings made in America from the Acoustic Era (1890-1929)

2. Digitize recordings that are not already digitized

3. Disseminate these recordings through various online formats

The Chuck Ward House of Music funds have purchased over 60 rare recordings and we have digitized 81 cylinder recordings from the Mick Moloney collection.

We hope you’ll support the Archives in this endeavor and continue Chuck’s legacy of bringing Irish music to people all around the world. The following list of donors have helped us to continue this project. Thank you!

Donors Amount
Green Tie 2013 $9926
Green Tie 2014 $4796
2012 Great Irish Open $4160
James L. Miller $100
Jack Safro Toyota $20
Barbara Peterson $400
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McNeely $50
Mark Orlovsky $50
Traverlers Title $140
Tom and Colleen Kennedy - In memory of Uncle Jack Fitzgerald $100
Tom and Colleen Kennedy - In memory of Midge Ward $50
Cathy Ward $1000
Christopher and Patty Drayna $100
Tom and Colleen Kennedy - In memory of Mary Ellen Mitchell $50
Tom & Colleen Kennedy $150
Brit Swisher (donated by William and Jamie Swisher) $50
Jamie Swisher (donated by William and Jamie Swisher) $50
Julie Smith $70
Mark Longua and Colleen Shannon - In memory of Betty Mikush $100
Frank Page, CWA Management $500
From the Fitzgibbons Family in memory of Mary Ann "Tracy" Fitzgibbons $50


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