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Paddy Killoran and Michael Andrews: The Geese in the Bog (jig)

Today's disc is from Paddy Killoran's recordings from the Decca label, featuring Michael "Whitey" Andrews on tenor guitar accompaniment. Andrews' son, Mike Jr., remembers that his father took great pride in his rhythmic sense, and said that “his job is to hold the beat steady” in the band. Andrews is rock steady on the rhythm of this jig, yet sensitive enough to emphasize the downbeat of each two measure phrase rather than each downbeat. He does punctuate the downbeat heavy nature of the last measure of each part, complimenting the melody.

The tune itself is not the popular session tune named Geese in the Bog, but a multi-part major tune sometimes referencing a variety of "Lark" names -- The Lark's March, Lark in the Bog, and the Mountain Lark among them.

Recorded in 1936 and released on the Decca label (12077).

From the Irish Fest Collection, object number IF 78 01-237

Performers: Paddy Killoran, Michael Andrews
Record Label and Issue Number: Decca 12077
Year: 1936
Collection: Irish Fest Collection
WIMA ID: IF 78 01-237

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